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A selection of violin repertoire

that speaks to the heart,

opening a window to our intimate emotions,

whether they be warmth, longing, passion or serenity.

데뷔앨범을 통해 저의 진심을 담은 음악을

여러분과 나눌 기회에 너무 감사하고 가슴 벅찹니다.

제 앨범을 들으 시는 동안 여러분의 마음 속에

브람스가 표현한 Amabile 처럼

사랑스러운 꿈을 꾸시길 바라요.

Through my playing,
it is my goal to make a listener's life experience in that moment more meaningful and rich.

When one communicates through music, the worlds of prejudice, class, and discrimination go out the window altogether.

Music is one of the very few mediums that allow for this.

This is why art is so important, and this is why I have dedicated my life to becoming the best Artist I can be.

Anna Im

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